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  • UNPINNABLE BUTTERFLIES: demos for a cinema-musical
  • Max Gabriel: 3.Yellow.Spiders
  • 7 SPLINTERS IN TIME Original Motion Picture Score
  • FROM BAGHDAD TO BROOKLYN Original Motion Picture Score
  • Max Gabriel: The Exile of Saint Christopher
  • Film/TV Scoring: Eclectic Cues
  • Max Gabriel and the Broken Ribs
  • Max Gabriel: various demos, works in progress
Patience with this modern world, dear

2013 OMPHALOS score

January 1st, 2013

The bulk of 2013 is spent adumbrating demos, and then taking into the studio with live musicians, the baroque and lengthy score to OMPHALOS. By August, 2013, we have our live tracks, and by December half of the score is complete.

Patience with this modern world, dear.