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Patience with this modern world, dear

Jack London’s Comet

Salomé I’ll meet you at O’Connors
Salomé writes her in her journal backwards
And I’ve been all around the world
But I don’t know a thing
Except magnolias exploding into spring

And if you’re broke down
It don’t matter to me
I like the scratchy dawn
When we’re all pushing back sleep
I wanna burn up just like Jack London
Not a pale planet in the sky
I wanna burn up just like Jack London’s comet

Life and its cruel tricks: we trade the body for wisdom
Jack’s father built a telescope but missed a section of the sun
That’s when she kissed me in the middle of a hard rain
She said, Œ’let’s go to bed, baby, the human body is a crashing plane.’


Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na na (etc.)

And so I finally come to rest
Hills of red clay and sun-baked grass
Memory clear since the beginning
Up the path I’ll find her sleeping
I was a lonely hunter
For the ones that scatter
But we all need shelter in the end

Salomé cuts her hair puts on a new cologne
She says, ‘we’re all refugees from these middle class homes.’
Think of the oyster pirate and his socialist debutantes
On the arc of a new swing
We’re all magnolias exploding into spring

Chorus etc.

Patience with this modern world, dear.