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  • UNPINNABLE BUTTERFLIES: demos for a cinema-musical
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  • 7 SPLINTERS IN TIME Original Motion Picture Score
  • FROM BAGHDAD TO BROOKLYN Original Motion Picture Score
  • Max Gabriel: The Exile of Saint Christopher
  • Film/TV Scoring: Eclectic Cues
  • Max Gabriel and the Broken Ribs
  • Max Gabriel: various demos, works in progress
Patience with this modern world, dear

Old Car / New Garage

He’s like an old car
In a new garage
He feels out of touch with the mores of the youth
But he shares their cause
If they’ve got a cause

St. Christopher
Finds a paper trail
A dirt road from his boyhood threads a needle
Through a sail
That’s when he went to find her

Time bends
From the longest day
It gets tangled in your hair
And sends you in a new direction
In days you thought were all the same
When no one knows your name
‘Cause each moment is a new invention
Oh Gloria
Won’t you take me as I am?
New as this water

She was a secret
At the speed of light
Highways of Mendocino and the bay leaves turning white
He could not unfold her

So he went careening
In the city of speed
It keeps holding out a promise but the promise is just more need
It’s a hidden splinter

Time sent
From the longest day
Still the earth don’t know our name
Though we curve the light and bend its letters
Memory’s shake
Just a scattering of names
You’ll never feel the same
Because each moment is a new invention
Oh Gloria
Won’t you take me as I am
New as water

So bishop’s daughters marry for tax relief
Art galleries ravage T.S. Eliot
So he had stand and leave
Didn’t want to be another vendor

He went to the barefoot mountains
To practice slight of hand
A trick where the mind fixes on an exhale
The heart blends into the land
You forget who sent you
You forget you’re rented

The donkey woman
With age sweetening her beauty like watermelon
She shows you the scarred faces in clouds and in stone
She says, ‘throw your body into the great body
You were never alone
You were never alone’

Time sent
From the longest day
We forget even our names
Drive out to the country in September
Old friends fall in love again
We’re just sentinels of spring
Magnolia and the sound of thunder
Oh Gloria
Won’t you take me as I am
Won’t you take me as I am?

Patience with this modern world, dear.