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  • UNPINNABLE BUTTERFLIES: demos for a cinema-musical
  • Max Gabriel: 3.Yellow.Spiders
  • 7 SPLINTERS IN TIME Original Motion Picture Score
  • FROM BAGHDAD TO BROOKLYN Original Motion Picture Score
  • Max Gabriel: The Exile of Saint Christopher
  • Film/TV Scoring: Eclectic Cues
  • Max Gabriel and the Broken Ribs
  • Max Gabriel: various demos, works in progress
Patience with this modern world, dear

Steve Holley (of Wings)

Steve Holley (of Wings). The session for Jack London’s Comet. He told us about McCartney giving him the tambourine from ‘Day in the Life’ while they were stoned; and then used it to track with us. (photo by Monica Frisell)

Patience with this modern world, dear.