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Patience with this modern world, dear

Artifact Parade

All the waters are turning red

in the rooms on Bourbon street

the girls get out up from bed

afraid they’ve stained the sheets

the last circus was in town

and the colors are starting to fade


I want you to take me down

to the artifact parade


Everything gathers force

when you see it over and over

it was like that with TV

and the lingerie of the hour

those workmen from the womb

knitting synapses like a loom


but we’ll all resume

at the artifact parade


Gregory he ain’t afraid

he been brought up in the nuclear age

all day he watches the sky

he counts every plane

And he clocks the rain

I guess we’ve been waiting for him

he’s come to feel like a second skin

but I hear he’s out in the desert again

counting friends


but he’ll find his way

back to the artifact parade


children floating in the street

building boats from rusted symphonies

four horseman on the beat

parading Joshua’s memories

the rag and bone shop never paid

so we stand around and we wait


we must go alone

to the artifact parade

to the artifact parade

Patience with this modern world, dear.