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Patience with this modern world, dear


I’ve been reading borrowed books
guess I’m losing all my looks
all my socks have holes
I don’t have money for the tolls

I been swallowing yellow spiders
and running through the numbers
my ropes are torn
but I’m hoping to be reborn

’cause I got you
I got you

You see, baby, I took a chance
and I held up the government bank
’cause I saw loads of children
on the roadside needing clothing

now I’m on the run with a man named Francis
we’ve been living on mud and avalanches
and the money’s been passed around
but you’re still the best thing that I found

I found you
I found you

they say the earth swallows its benefactors
that there are always extra actors
that’s a thing so hard to believe
and there’s a room full of sunlight
I’ve been trying to get there since my childhood
I’m not sure but I think we could

I went down to the dirty river
trying to find my soul or just a sliver
charcoal highways and broken cities
landmines choking up the arteries

and then I got a little mean
went to the senate with gasoline
I lit a fire to the filibuster
since trying to muster lost its luster

since yeah they lost you
they lost you

and in the tenements and in the branches
folks were talking about the ashes
they were sweeping up the scenery
of a century-old reliquarygot me thinking that maybe we’re out of date
’cause every year they change the license plates
I’m an analog believer
with a digital transmittertransmitting you
transmitting you

Maggie’s got a pain you can’t believe
they slip the medicine up her sleeve
tell us to be quiet and be calm
and there’s a room full of sunlight
I’ve been trying to get there since my childhood
I’m still not sure and the journey’s longI’ve been feeding parking meters
I’ve been stamping all my letters
I’ve been knitting you a sweater
just so that you will get betterI’ll bring you all my cups and glasses
I’ll gather up all of my eyelashes
I’ll pick you dandelions and lace
’cause I’ve got a brand new face
since I found
I found you
I found you
Patience with this modern world, dear.